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Long-Term Rides: 2016 Yamaha FJR1300ES

10,525 miles, MSRP $17,990

Since the introduction of the United States in 2003, Yamaha FJR1300 has become a sports tourism icon. Large, 1298 cc inline four smoothly produces over 125 hp, close to 90 lb-ft of torque in the rear wheel, this velvety hammer runs the favorite of lovers, single or two travel frenzy and endurance racers with the most votes in the hands of candidates (FJRs often cheeky rallies). (Including a new sixth gear), assist-and-slipper clutches, LED lighting (plus turn-light “Western” electronic suspension model (including a new version of the six-wheeled gears), a long-term stable development in 2016 to achieve a high level of refinement and modification of transmission ) And update the device.


In my four corners of California marking our 2016 FJR1300ES test bike as part of our 4,000 mile road test, it was whipped by staff and contributors, Clem Salvadori grabbed the keys and the West wandered around. At all, we recorded 10525 miles, averaging 44.2 miles per gallon (54.6 lows at 36.9 high) and 292 miles from the 6.6-gallon tank in general lead-free.


FJR’s stock windshield is at the small end and the wind noise can be a hassle, so we installed the national cycle high and wide VStream cruise windshield, which is made of FMR hard cover polycarbonate. It provides a smooth airflow and more protection, especially in the rain. Stock Bridgestone bt-023 formed a hard ride under different conditions. We replaced the 7289-mile-speed rear tire, the front tire was original, but it was heavily concave, although it had some trample left.

In the next model update, we would like to see Yamaha solve other problems: draw rack rack scratches easily without bungee hooks, pouch locks are unreliable, the key is always need to open; sidestand is difficult to deploy; and large The rotor front makes it challenging to check / adjust the tire pressure, which may be fixed with a right angle tire valve. No bike is perfect, but as a sporting tourist, the FJR1300 is rather annoying.