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What You Should Know Motorcycle Maintenance

You might have noticed your bike requires more frequent service than your automobile in regards to owning a bike. Additionally, riding season does not last all year long for many riders, therefore there could be some time as soon as your bike is sitting idle. That is the reason a preventative maintenance program is essential […]

Motorcycle Brands BMW

BMW bikers have a dealership of their own review

Exhilarating, hard, heart-pounding and free are the most frequent answers you hear if you ask a motorcycle enthusiast concerning the appeal of riding a high- performance system. And BMW motorcycle owners in Northeast Florida can now add convenient to their answers.Until lately, Northeast Florida BMW bicycle owners considered a trek to Daytona Beach to the […]

Motorcycle Maintenance

High-quality motorcycle maintenance tips

Even modern motorcycles require constant maintenance in order to keep them in a good shape and protect against unpleasant surprises and breakdowns on the road. Despite the fact that today’s bikes are much more dependable and easier to look after, it’s still necessary to perform a few steps to be certain that your vehicle is […]


2018 BMW R nineT Racer

BMW Motorrad must have said that they are done with the R nine T family and are moving out of the heritage scene, but it cannot stop people from wanting more out of it. The R nine T has absolutely been a hit story for the German ever since the launch in 2013. It was […]


2017 – 2018 BMW C 650 Sport / C 650 GT

Nobody blurs the line between scooter and ’proper’ motorcycle better than the engineers at BMW, and the C 650 range is no exception. The 2018 C 650 “Sport” and “GT” models are a direct carryover from the ’16 model year, but that’s not surprising given how difficult it would be to improve upon the bundle […]


2017 BMW C Evolution

The Bayerische Motoren Werke introduced its original C Evolution electric scooter to the great proving ground that is the European scooter market all the way back in 2012 and it’s finally in the U.S. market. A boosted battery ampacity gives it the increased range needed to handle a long-distance commute, but it’s the electronics suite […]


2016 – 2018 BMW R nineT Scrambler

It is a well-known phenomenon that as people get to a certain stage in life, they crave things from their youth. Frequently, this coincides with a certain amount of disposable income to indulge in such nostalgia. Over time, entire industries have sprung from this demand, and even designers among established businesses capitalize on this market. […]