New On-Board Luggage System for Off-Road Riding from BMW Motorrad USA

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Intended primarily for use when riding BMW GS-model motorcycles off-road, the Atacama Adventure Luggage System provides more flexibility when piloting expert-level, back-country trails as well as continuing the expedition off the bike at remote camping locations. The luggage system, which utilizes the same case carrier system developed for the original BMW aluminum cases, gives riders an extra level of flexibility and security when navigating more challenging riding conditions and further enhances the capabilities of the GS. Currently, the Atacama Adventure Luggage System is only available through authorized BMW Motorrad USA dealers.

BMW Motorrad USA has introduced a totally new concept in on-board luggage and personal storage for the growing number of adventure riders exploring roads less traveled.

“We are thrilled to offer this completely new line of on-board luggage for GS riders,” commented Michael Hernandez, Manager, Parts and Accessories, for BMW Motorrad USA. “This original BMW accessory product was developed in the U.S. with the needs of global adventure motorcycle riders in mind – a riding community that is expanding along the trend of riding big adventure motorcycles in further and further remote locations off road.”

The Atacama Adventure Luggage System supports the following BMW GS Models:

  • K25 (2004-2013 R 1200 GS/GS Adventure with BMW aluminum case mounting installed)
  • K50/51 (2013-Present R 1200 GS/GS Adventure with BMW aluminum case mounting installed)
  • K72 (2008-Present F 650/700/800 GS with BMW aluminum case mounting installed)
  • K75 (2014-Present F 800 GS Adventure)

BMW Motorrad Adventure Luggage System off-road gear

Photo Courtesy of BMW Motorrad USA

The Atacama Adventure Luggage System gives BMW GS riders more reasons to explore roads less traveled.

Features and Design:

  • Beaver Tail – Quickly stash an extra jacket or rain liner, shoes, trash from camp, etc. behind this panel. It also provides even load compression and abrasion/crash protection, and can be peeled back from the bag for easy sewing-machine repairs. On the inside of the beaver tail, there is a hidden stash pocket for a spare key, paperwork, etc.
  • Sewn-in side pockets – Designed specifically to hold tools, tubes/tire repair, tire levers, air pump, water filter, snacks (things you need quick access to throughout the day without digging through your side case). On the larger 9.2 gal (35L) bag, each pocket fits two 2L fuel bottles or a 2-3L water storage bag. On the smaller 6.6 gal (25L) side case, each bag fits one 1L fuel bottle or a water bottle.
  • MOLLE Attachments –enables the quick attachment/removal of MOLLE compatible accessories such as hydration bladders, extra storage bags, holders, etc.
  • Aluminum D-Rings – Attach additional items with clips.
  • Waterproof Inner Liners – Completely separate and removable, these bags give riders the means to store items that they may be carrying temporarily or that may be soiled.

Atacama Adventure Luggage System

Photo Courtesy of BMW Motorrad USA

With the Atacama Adventure Luggage System’s durable and waterproof material your belongings will be safe and dry.

  • Model-specific BMW adapters allow riders to keep their hard bags, then use their soft bags on the exact same racks when they’re going on more off-road and dirt-oriented trips. This prevents damage to hard bags when riding through very rough terrain.
  • Liner on the inside – Protects contents from outside elements. If a tip-over happens, the outer shell, stiffener and beaver tail provide a protective layer for the main waterproof compartment/liner.
  • Outer shell – keeps all contents dry and allows all the features and accessory items like the beaver tail, MOLLE, additional pockets etc. to be sewn on the outside shell without compromising the waterproof liner.
  • Internal front and rear stiffeners help the bag hold its shape even under a heavy load.
  • With side compression straps, two roll tops, and a double overlapping beaver tail, the duffel can be expanded and compressed significantly to accommodate different load volumes.

The duffel consists of two separate bags: one is a sewn seam outer bag made from highly abrasion resistant material and the other a welded-seam 100 percent waterproof inner bag made from 22oz vinyl. This enables reliable waterproofing even after multiple bike drops or off-road slides. The outer bag is designed to absorb the abrasion and impact leaving the inner waterproof bag intact.