Motorcycle Maintenance

Motorcycle Tips : To Dust or Not to Dust, That is the Question

Vintage Triumph



This can be quite applicable to motorcycles and cars… probably tractors and much more as well.

Motorcycles are my passion since early childhood . In 2nd grade, I wanted to have a motorcycle shop !

I’m of the “DON’T TOUCH IT !” person. My wonderful 2002 V-Rod has never been washed (lazy.) I Love it ! Everyone should try one…

Phone rings and a very good old friend says that his younger cousin bought a 1964 Triumph T120R Bonneville brand new in Alabama, and wants to sell it 52-years later. Not ridden for the last 40-years. . kicked over once in a while. Engine free. “Want to buy it ?”

Sure. . . not cheap. .I don’t dicker. Now I own it. Clean carbs without disturbing dust and grease ? Clean inside of tank, but not outside ? Leave tires alone. Make it a “rider” but don’t clean it to look almost new ? (Do not do that ). All the way restoration or leave it alone.

NEVER ! ! be tempted to touch up a little chrome with a “bit” of silver paint ! That is a KILLER move. . DON’T DO IT ! You can’t un-do it easily.


A friend named Tom Phillips said it best of riding a “perfect” restoration. . but this is in reverse. . It is like a “New Crayon”. . draw one picture and it will never be NEW again! A “Barn find” that is upgraded will not be as it was.

We did a 1951 Harley servicar that was a “barn find”. A great mechanic friend from 7th grade, was able to put in a new “Rubber Ducky” carb float without disturbing the grease and dirt externally. A couple wires were repaired, then covered withhold friction tape and hand scrubbed with dirt and sand / gravel.

It ran and we all rode it. New owner rides it. . .Loves it “As-Is.”