Motorcycle Review

Motorcycle Best Brands in the world

Here are the best motorcycle brands of all time.


Japanese Big 4 are so Huge Companies that you get the slightest difference between them. Especially Honda & Yamaha has the Most Sales. Kawasaki & Yamaha for Best Performance and Track Racing. Honda & Yamaha for Best Chassis. Suzuki for most affordable and cheapest of the Japanese. Now We can see Yamaha comes for Performance, Easiest Handling, Consumers Favourite and OFFCOURSE the YAMAHA Brand Image with all time star riders as brand Ambassadors (Valentino Rossi, Agostini, Kenny Roberts, Wayne Rainey, Eddie Lawson & Jorge Lorenzo).
Right, the person who made this list is very intelligent, should add suzuki on 2nd position as they made hayabusa, fastest motorbike.
Yamaha and Honda give each other good competition, both are on top, in motorcycle manufacturing. The slight difference between the two is : Honda gives more miles per gallon and Yamaha gives more power per gallon. Thus I opt this performance and joy to ride quality factor of Yamaha over the better economy of Honda.


Honda, without a doubt, has the most reliable, and trail ready bikes of all time. Not to many people can compete with Honda’s technology. They may not be “Race Ready” machines, but they sure as hell will get you home when the others are broke down.
No other motorcycle company can compete with Honda’s technology. That’s why they manufacture reliable automobiles, trucks, planes, and small engines. Who else can say that?
It a awesome strong motorbike brand
Honda makes the most reliable, sturdy and long-running bikes. Their build quality is much better than that of Yamaha’s. I always prefer Honda over Yamaha.Mnew


Italians knows how to make fast things like Ferrari or Lamborghini – Ducati is the perfect example of joy on wheels
Italians do it better! Everybody knows Italian quality and engineering are top notch. Sure, Japanese bikes are good… But nowhere near as good as Ducati.
D finest n wildest stallions come out of the ducati stock.
they excel in finesse.


Eco bushman 150cc is most reliable as it is Chinese better than makes like Honda
I like the ninja series, fast and have a good chassis, good job kawasaki…
I’ve owned Motorcycles from all four of the Japanese manufacturers and Kawasaki by far has the best Motorcycle Built bikes coming out of Japan. Performance and reliability are tops.
Ultimate and cool style of kawasaki ninja 1000

Harley Davidson is everybody’s #1 favorite American legend bike company for everybody who wants to ride for the freedom of the open road, I love you so much Harley Davidson and Harley Davidson has the absolute best 20th-21st century history, they make great motorcycles and they are better than any other bike company and Harley Davidson is making everybody having more fun riding and riding Harley’s is more fun and more cruising riding on the highway than other bike companies but I want to fall in love with a Harley motorcycle that I always dream of since when I was 11 about 3 years ago and I wanted to ride in Harley gear to the freedom of the open road, HARLEY DavidSON IS AWESOME, THEY ARE A LOT BETTER THAN OTHERS
Most people do not understand what brand means. It has nothing to do with the bike at all. All bikes are made of the same stuff. The brand is the logo and name it carries. I voted for the Harley brand because even 5 year old kids know the name “Harley”. I don’t own a Harley but people who don’t know anything about motorcycles know the Harley name (Brand Winner)
My friends and I have owned just about every type of motorcycle and they all are great but there is nothing like a Harley. You pick the style Harley you like and ride it, nothing else is like a Harley. I also want to say if you take care of it, it is one of the most dependable bikes you can own. I love all bikes but Harley is special.
Hardly has no looks. It for bikers not for super bikes. So it’s kind of crap!


They make bikes in a special manner. almost like harley Davidson in the sense that, you don’t know what the hype is all about until you ride one. and they are very emotional motorcycles, carries a heart somewhere in there…
I have owned two street bikes both Suzuki. I love my M90. I will own nothing but Suzuki.
They have a great factory. Their fabrication it’s great an rarely the bike breaks. The off road bikes has got a exceptional balance with the enginye and the chassis.
These bike are more comfortable with streets and not tracks that’s the best part


BMW makes awesome cars, as well as awesome bikes. The revving of the bikes are so powerful, and so is their speed. Plus those bikes look extremely cool. Wish I could have one.
My K1200S is the most fun, agile motorcycle I have owned… And to me, the sleek lines make it a beautiful cycle as well.
Combination of unique science and technology.. ! Overall this is from Germany.
Awesome bike strong engine


Fastest bikes for people that knows how to ride a bike
By the way the hayabusa is not the fastest bike in the world, ever heard about Desmosedici or tomahawk
In my opinion, Aprilia have the best naked bikes in the world (shiver 750 ), this bike is full of power and passion.
Best quality, performance, and styling… All for a reasonable price.
Not stylish but best



Triumph is a Canadian hard rock power trio that was popular in the late 1970s through the 1980s. Between the band’s 16 albums and DVDs, Triumph has received 18 gold and 9 platinum awards in Canada and the United States.
Just take a look at the street triple
They’re pretty decent, although its a bit rare to see people zipping down the highway on them. Then again imported bikes will never beat american classics in terms of availability and popularity in america. (i own a yamaha vstar so I’m not one to talk, but correct me if I’m wrong)
A very distant relative of mine, something like my grandmother’s mother’s aunty married the founder of triumph motorcycles! Plus they are pretty sweet
Best motorcycle company in the world, the Brits just get how to make a motorcycle better than anyone else



Ktm is the best motorbike brand there bikes are much better than hondas they should be a close second to yamaha
KTM is the fastest growing brand in America and among the top worldwide. They currently sell more dirt bikes than Honda and Yamaha combined and are starting to eat their market share on the road. They have the most advanced motorcycle stability system in the world. The best bikes. Period.
Innovation is their middle name. Yet they retain their immaculate quality.
Torque crazy wheelie machines!