Long-Term Triumph Street Twin: British Customs Performance Tips

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Honestly, the first thing to vent the plug is not to do this bike, partly because I love the appearance of the inverted megaphone pot, the stock comes from victory. Frankly, the victory has done such an excellent tuning of the bike as a bang sound and sweet, I think if it’s not bad, do not fix it! I like the look and sound of the stock exhaust.

But our friends in the UK are eager to share a pair of Brush cut cut performance skills (, $ 349.95) to add more cafe racing style to this small Bonneville, so I have an obligation. Performance Tips The difference between sound and performance is very small and I can tell. This is largely because of the far sound and exhaust silencers, the win hides their catalytic converter carefully on the bike.


I have a different response to the reduction in cut performance skills. Most people see them and say, “Oh, I bet people out loud!” I fired the bike and the Priest a few times before letting the difference between them is how much stock and aftermarket exhaust. As for the aesthetic, but also mixed. Some people like to watch, others, not so. Personally, I found it to be the smallest. In addition, the British Customs a pair of scramblers on the pipeline to list their website, I have been waiting for them to put into production, which is absolutely beautiful!

We have not yet dynamically moved the bike to test “performance” improvements if any. If you prefer simple cut pipes to look at but want to keep your neighbors relatively friendly, this is a good way to go.