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Honda announces the standard CBR1000RR for 2017

SP and Limited Edition 2017 SP2 version of the CBR1000RR Intermot announced last month, Honda recently announced details with the standard version of the flagship literbike for 2017. It is expected that the basic model CBR1000RR shares many features of the SP, including revised valve lift and cam timing, engine covers, magnesium titanium silencers and new ride-by-wire and IMU-based electronic packages. SP’s titanium tank is also carried out to the standard model, both of which update the frame stiffness.

SP and SP2 Features Ohlins Suspended Basic CBR will ride in the Showa equipment similar to the previous model: the 43 mm high capacity large piston forks and the balanced free rear shock. Similarly, the Tokico four-piston calipers are installed in the standard model SP and SP2 in the Brembo unit. In 2017 the CBR1000RR will be available in ABS and non-ABS versions; the non-ABS model is shown here in red / black / white matte black metal, while the ABS model will only provide matte black metal. Bicycle dealers in April, the manufacturer suggested retail price has not been announced.

CBR1000RR SP, like CBR1000RR follow the “next stage of total control” design concept, by updating the components 68%. 10 hp increase and weight loss resulted in a 14% better power-to-weight ratio, and most of the technology was derived from RC213V-S. The engine has modified valve lifts and cam timing, magnesium, titanium silencers and redesigned slippers clutch. The new electronic control system provides constant, selectable, and fine-tunable rider support for precise management of the rear wheels via the FI-ECU traction and throttle lines using the five-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU) and the Honda Select Torque System (HSTC) (TBW). Selectable engine braking, driving mode selection system and power selector are standard. The titanium tank utilizes the SP version, which adjusts the stiffness balance of the aluminum frame. The Showa suspension consists of a 43mm high-capacity band-pass filter with inverted-and-balanced rear-pad (BFRC) shock, and a high-rigidity Tokiko four-piston radial-mounted front brake caliper with high friction brake pads. The CBR1000RR is available in standard and ABS versions.




• cbr1000rr: red / black / white, matte black metal

• cbr1000rr ABS: Matte black metal

Availability: April 2017


Engine / powertrain


• Valve lift and timing have been optimized for higher engine speeds, with a maximum increase of 12250 – 13000 rpm.

• Different thicknesses of the piston optimize the area, keeping the same weight while increasing the compression ratio from 12.3: 1,13.0: 1.

• A new air intake duct and air box to reduce air resistance, throttle body holes, 2 mm to 48 mm. Fuel-discharge pressure rose 14% to promote fuel atomization and improve combustion efficiency while increasing throttle response through the intake funnel slash-cut design.

• Construction of the magnesium oil pan and ignition cover resulted in an engine weight reduction of 4.4 pounds.

• Assist slippers The clutch has been increased, resulting in a 17% lower clutch spring load. The die-cast aluminum assists the cam (send and receive) to lose weight while optimizing the cam to improve the feel of the gap between the clutch rods.

• New, titanium silencer is 6.17 pounds. Light weight and increased concentration. The double-pipe construction allows more efficient use of the expansion chamber, while the variable exhaust valve achieves an improved sound in the rpm range and good power output.

• The wheel speed and body roll angle from the RC213V-S, Honda Select Torque Control (HSTC) measures, and Asimo also developed using the attitude-detection technology.

• Pulley behavior is electron reduction in acceleration; ECU reduces throttle opening to reduce torque based on wheel speed.

• The slip rate at the rear wheel is constrained at the turn and acceleration; the torque control is based on the vehicle roll angle, such as when rotated, resulting in a sense of security during the ride experience.

• The rider can choose how strong the engine brake applies when the throttle is closed at slowdown; three levels of adaptability, depending on the rider preference.

• Fast-moving devices allow upward or downward movement without the use of throttle and clutch; the drive gear reduces load during the transfer, simplifying the rider’s transfer process on the runway, on meandering roads or traffic. Move up and down the speed, feel the three levels can be adjusted between.

• Adapted from the RC213V-S, the throttle-by-wire system (first straight-four Honda) has a built-in throttle position sensor and improves response and driving performance.

• The first Honda, full-color TFT-LCD instrument features, circuit and mechanical displays and are designed to be nondisruptive riders.

• A five-stage power selector allows dynamic adjustment of the mode, HSTC and suspension electronics, the machine adapts to changing environments.

• Lithium-ion batteries are half the weight of lead-acid batteries before. Increased service life, the central installation location helps to improve the large-scale centralization.


Chassis / Suspend


• Part of the frame wall has been reduced to 300 grams by weight, while maintaining the proper flexibility.

• The re-cast aluminum sub-frame is 800 grams.

• The adjustment of the thickness of the rocker arm portion results in a weight loss of 300 g of light and an increased torsional rigidity.

• The wheels have five Y-spokes instead of six to improve aerodynamic stability, while the thickness reduction reduces weight by about 100 grams.

• The heat sink has a new high-density core to achieve the same level of heat dissipation while reducing the width by 30 mm and weighing about 100 grams.

• Minimalist aggressive, pneumatically designed to reduce width at the front three points; fairing is 24mm narrow and the mid-production fairing is 18mm narrow.

• Showa 43 mm high-capacity band-pass filter for reciprocal and balanced free-back pad (BFRC) shock.

• High rigidity Tokico four-piston against radial-mounted brake calipers with high-friction brake pads provide strong braking capability.