Motorcycle Maintenance

This may look like a strange topic to pay when we have our own service department, however as a lot of our technicians will let you know, there is a lot of maintenance that needs to be happening at home. The benefits are that it will help the bicycle last longer and it’ll allow you to catch issues before they get out of control. Abernathy’s Harley-Davidson has supplied some of the crucial MOTORCYCLE MAINTENANCE checks that you should be doing in your home, so that way when you see our support department to get a professional checkup, your bike will have a clean bill of health. We’re in Union City, Tennessee, near Jackson, Paducah, and Cape Girardeau.
This is an easy one for everyone, regardless of what sort of skills you have with mechanics. Tire health is paramount to efficient and safe riding, which means you will want to know straight away if something is amiss. Check your tires every morning until you ride, particularly if your bike’s been sitting for a bit of time.

additional maintenance check

Using psi recommendations from your owner’s guide, check the strain levels in each tire and fix as needed. This should occur first thing while the bike is still chilly. It is possible to use a simple tire pressure gauge to figure this out, which may then be tucked into one of the unwanted luggage.
A bad battery means no motorcycle riding. Examine the charge on your bicycle’s battery to a semi-regular basis. If you notice it is low on power, you might simply need to recharge it, although if your battery’s a little older, it may just need to get replaced.
When you know you are getting ready to keep your bike for an extended time period, you’ll want to take out the battery entirely. This way, the bike can not drain it if you are not using it.
Just like your car needs a regular oil change, so will your bike. We highly recommend changing the oil once every half an hour or so, but that does not have to be the only time you take a look at it. Consider checking the oil level and state periodically, just to ensure everything remains where it must be. Also inspect the oil to see if it’s dark or sludgy, which is a indication you want to get oil. If you notice metallic shavings or powder, contact our service department and make an appointment to receive your motorcycle inspected by a professional. Metal residue from the oil could be a indication that you will find engine parts grinding together.
This is another easy one. If you have to replace a bulb, then you can always think about getting LEDs.
Your windshield is designed to take all of the bugs, debris, and end for you, which can be incredibly helpful and also dirty it up pretty fast. If you want your bike to keep looking clean, you’re going to want to wash the windshield fairly regularly, especially when the bugs come out. Just make sure not to scrub too difficult, since you won’t need to scratch the surface.
There are additional maintenance checks you can do in your home, but it is a fantastic idea to get a professional to perform their own checks using their experience and specialized equipment. We proudly serve Union City, Jackson, Paducah, and Cape Girardeau, Tennessee.