Corbin’s Classic Gunfighter, a Staple of Custom Saddlery in the Harley end of the Cruiser Pool

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triumph bonneville corbin seat


Let’s get to know the Corbin’s Classic Gunfighter.

Corbin’s Classic Gunfighter has been a staple of custom saddlery in the Harley end of the cruiser pool for a very long time. Now, the custom seat manufacturer’s Classic Gunfighter provides the Triumph Bonneville with the same nostalgic look and excellent rider comfort.

The smooth profile of the saddle matches that of the bike, blending with the overall theme and emulating the design of the tank. Changes the look of the motorcycle entirely, capturing the invigorating days of British motorcycle racing. The Gunfighter is easily installed, with all required brackets mounted on the saddle.

The rigid base material not only fits perfect to the bike, but provides a firm foundation to support the carefully designed foam shape. Corbin’s ergonomic shaping creates a visually pleasing look on the motorcycle and adds to the custom appeal.

Corbin uses genuine leather seating in all of its saddle models because it breathes with your body and will conform along with the foam shape during break in. This provides an added bit of luxury on those long rides. In the side panels, they use a coordinating vinyl material that will support the foam shape and keep the saddle looking sharp longer.