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What You Should Know Motorcycle Maintenance

You might have noticed your bike requires more frequent service than your automobile in regards to owning a bike. Additionally, riding season does not last all year long for many riders, therefore there could be some time as soon as your bike is sitting idle. That is the reason a preventative maintenance program is essential […]

Motorcycle Maintenance

High-quality motorcycle maintenance tips

Even modern motorcycles require constant maintenance in order to keep them in a good shape and protect against unpleasant surprises and breakdowns on the road. Despite the fact that today’s bikes are much more dependable and easier to look after, it’s still necessary to perform a few steps to be certain that your vehicle is […]

Motorcycle Maintenance

SR Archive: Behind the Doors of HRC

This article was originally published in the 1999 December issue of Sport Rider. Sport Rider got an inside look at just what goes on behind the HRC doors. Photography by Bill Greer In the world of motorcycle racing, there’s a three-letter acronym that strikes fear and awe in the hearts of competitors everywhere: HRC. The […]

Motorcycle Maintenance

Ask the Geek: How Seamless Transmissions Work

Diagram Courtesy of US Patent Office This diagram, seen in several patents related to Honda’s seamless transmission, shows the system of ratcheting pawls (red arrows) that lock each gear to the output shaft to transmit power. Pins inside the shaft extend outward to engage each gear, but when the pins retract and the next gear […]

Motorcycle Maintenance

Road Test Index Updated

Our Sport Bike Road Test Index has been updated with all the latest online first rides, road tests and comparison tests. The Index references everything from our 2016 Ducati Monster 1200 R first ride review all the way back to our road test of the 1994 Kawasaki EX500. Whether you think you may have missed […]

Motorcycle Maintenance

Top 5 Sport Bike Tech Articles

Motorcycle riders, and especially sportbike riders, are typically very interested in the technical aspects of riding and their motorcycles. Articles of this nature have long been a staple of Sport Rider magazine, and here we have compiled a list of the five most popular technical articles on the Sport Rider website. We based the selection […]

Motorcycle Maintenance

Ask the Geek: Slipper Clutches

Sport Rider These two pieces make up the inner hub of the slipper clutch used on the Honda CBR1000RR. The intricate angles on the interlocking ramps determine how much the parts separate on deceleration and how much they are forced together on acceleration. How does a slipper clutch work, and why do I need one? […]

Motorcycle Maintenance

Break-In Procedure | Ask the Geek

Photo Courtesy of Kawasaki Zero miles on the odometer. Do you really want to put your brand new bike on the dyno? I just picked up a new Kawasaki ZX-6R and am wondering about break-in procedure. In the owner’s manual it says to keep rpm under 4,000 for the first 500 miles then under 6,000 […]