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Born Free 9: Invited Builders

born free builders

Morgan Gales

Some of the bikes in the corral at Born Free 8

Born Free is one of the best and biggest motorcycle shows in the US, bringing builders from all over to display their bikes and compete in the build-off. Official dates were announced a few days ago, and the builder list just came out today. Make your plans accordingly and get out to the West Coast for Born Free 9!

Dates: June 24-25th 2017

  1. Todd Asin
  2. Johnny Branch
  3. Martin Carlgren
  4. Andy Carter
  5. Chopper Dave
  6. Ryan Grossman
  7. Matt Harris
  8. Jay Hart
  9. Jake Hindes
  10. Matt Jackson
  11. Scott Jones
  12. Thom Jones
  13. Matt Machine
    13a. Brado Miller
  14. Kiyo Mitsuhiro
  15. Toshiyuki Osawa
  16. Jasin Phares
  17. Dave Polgreen
  18. JP Rodman
    18a. Jim Harper
  19. Mike Silvio
    19a. Brian Vanderford
  20. Christian Sosa
  21. Alp Sungurtekin
  22. Nick Toscano
  23. Ritch Hutchinson
  24. Dalton Walker
  25. Matt Walksler
  26. Arie Vee

Follow along the Born Free Blog for updates as the dates get closer