BMW R nineT Machined Parts by Roland Sands Designs

No doubt will be a motorcycle into a unique specimen, especially the fuel ride a lot of fans passionate motorcycle. That’s why BMW Motorrad expands the design of the original BMW Motorrad accessories, including the custom “processing” range part of the model R 9T, R 9 T pure, nineT scrambler, R ninet racing and R 9T city G / S The

Elaborate high quality aluminum, the luxury design is mainly to express the lent to a person very good passion to the value of motorcycle technology.

Unique design and Roland Sands Group, the establishment of the famous custom headquarters in California, California.

A special manufacturing process ensures that the surface quality is attractive between the glossy black and the contrast between the aluminum.


The parts are initially made from an aluminium forging blank using a CNC-controlled machine tool, after they undergo elaborate hand-polishing before application of a black coating.

Selected areas are then milled once more so that the original distinctive aluminium surface becomes visible again.


All “Machined Parts” bear a BMW logo or a BMW Motorrad inscription. The inscription “by Roland Sands Design” is also applied to emphasise the designer’s signature style. In the colour combination black-aluminium, the parts blend in particularly organically with the vintage look of the models.

The following “Machined Parts” are now available from BMW Motorrad dealerships:

  • Cylinder head covers Machined
  • Oil filler neck lid Machined
  • Belt cover Machined
  • Headlight cover Machined
  • Handlebar end cover Machined
  • Rear axle cover Machined
  • Bevel gear bearing cover Machined
  • Swinging-arm pivot mount cover Machined

Other “Machined Parts” products are in preparation.

In addition to the brand new “Machined Parts”, the Original BMW Motorrad Accessories design program already offers a number of fine-quality customising parts that allow the members of the R nineT family to be adapted to individual taste in a sophisticated and stylistically authentic manner.

Particularly worthy of mention here is the aluminium fuel tank produced by hand in boutique manufacturing quality according to rigorous BMW quality standards. Manual brushing gives each individual tank an entirely unique surface structure which permanently underscores the classic, refined appearance of the R nineT, R nine T Pure and the R nineT Scrambler.

Identical to the serial-production part in shape and volume, the aluminium tank is available with seams that are either ground weld or deliberately left visible, according to personal taste. In both variants, a high-gloss varnish coating on the polished, visible aluminium sections not only ensures a high-quality look but also provides reliable protection from unwanted oxidation processes.