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How to avoid tracking while you riding a motorcycle? Riding Techniques

This skills will help you prevent tracking from riding motorcycle. Right from the start I want to be clear that what I talk about here isn’t the different ways you can practise techniques to try and ride faster on the roads. The safety margins on the road are a lot thinner than the track, so much so that […]

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Review On A Twist of the Wrist II DVD

From his findings he started the riding school, California Superbike School. For more than 30 years Keith Code and his coaches have been working to develop a system of training that removes the mystery of riding a motorcycle quickly. The school breaks down the various aspects of riding and gives you drills to perform to […]

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MotoAmerica : Four-time AMA Superbike Champion Josh Hayes Checks An Item Off The Bucket List

Photo Courtesy of Yamaha Josh Hayes gets his dream ride in the back of a Blue Angel’s F-18 Hornet in Pensacola, Florida. Long before four-time AMA Superbike Champion Josh Hayes even thought about being a motorcycle racer, he dreamt about being a fighter pilot. That wasn’t in the cards for Hayes, but the MotoAmerica rider […]

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James Parker’s RATZ Racer Get Racetrack Serious with RADD Technology

Let’s read the news. James Parker, the designer of the RADD front suspension used on Yamaha’s GTS1000, returned to his roots with the RATZ, taking Yamaha’s potent TZ250 engine and building his version of what a race bike should be: thin, light, adjustable and designed with a purposefulness that makes the TZ250 donor bike look […]