Since its inception, the Aprilia V4 platform has received the highest praise in cycling the most enthusiastic and skilled riders, acclaimed and sought after, the undisputed part of the delegate, and the reference point of movement and performance.

Natural evolutionary evolution and control project that can win seven world championships in just a few years in just six years, further show the skills to use the grindstone on the runway to be transferred to the factory to produce the most exciting and Performance package on the street and track the ability directly from the floor of the exhibition hall.

Last weekend at the Chicago International Motor Show, the 2071 Aprilia RSV4 RR / RF Motorcycle and Tuono RR / Factory model presented to the American audience for the first time, the fastest and best quality package.



The primary goal in creating the new RSV4 was the same one that has set this model apart from its birth in 2009: to be the absolute best uncompromised superbike, the one that comes the closest to the current Aprilia racing bikes in terms of performance and effectiveness. Thanks to the experience acquired in the most selective speed championships such as WSBK and MotoGP, Aprilia is able to transfer technologies to their factory products like the new full Ride-by-wire throttle and the dynamic controls package, APRC, further advanced.

Aprilia RSV4 RF earns new and more sophisticated suspension systems with fine adjustments both in hydraulics and spring preload: the fork is a latest generation Öhlins NIX unit, as is the TTX shock absorber; the latter is operated by new progressive linkage that increases the reaction time of the shock absorber itself. There is also an adjustable steering damper, also supplied by Öhlins. On the new RSV4, Aprilia introduces important changes in the Brembo braking system: the front relies on a pair of new 5 mm thick steel discs with diameter increased to 330 mm, gripped by the monobloc M50 callipers fitted with new superior friction coefficient brake pads.

Colors: Superpole

MSRP: $22,999

Available: March

Aprilia RSV4 RR represents a top shelf technical platform, ready to provide the rider with a “race replica” performance and feeling. The RSV4 RR incorporates all the electronic, engine and brake innovations introduced on the RSV4 RF. As standard equipment, it also has features which were once exclusive to the Factory version, such as magnesium external housings, oil sump and head covers and a wide range of chassis adjustments.

Colors: Grigio Bucine and Nero Ascari

MSRP: $16,999

Available: March

2017 APRILIA TUONO V4 1100

Simply unrivalled. Now more than ever. The Aprilia V4 Tuono naked range, heir to a family of motorcycles voted many times as one of the most adrenaline pumping and efficient bikes ever, achieves absolute performance levels and sophistication, thanks to Aprilia’s specialized insights acquired over years of winning premier level competitions and the experience of the Tuono history, which is thus confirmed as the only superbike stripped down and fitted with a high handlebar, unbeatable on the track and loads of fun on the road. The Tuono V4 family of motorcycles is offered in two distinct models, both upgraded in 2017 with TFT display, Aprilia Cruise Control, Cornering ABS, and for the inclusion of Aprilia Quickshift with clutchless downshifting.

Tuono V4 1100 Factory is the more exclusive version, dedicated to an extremely demanding public; this bike is equipped with latest generation Öhlins NIX unit derived from the Aprilia RSV4 RF superbike. The evolutionary step that Aprilia presents for 2017 involves both models that, as before, continue to stand out for their factory outfitting and graphics.

Colors: Superpole

MSRP: $17,499

Available: March

Tuono V4 1100 RR represents an exceptional thrill machine, the heir to a dynasty of naked sport bikes acclaimed by critics as the best in class. In 2017, the class leader receives even more performance prowess, with the front Brembo braking system directly from the new RSV4, now on both Tuono models, relying on a pair of new steel discs that have been increased to 330 mm, gripped by the new monobloc M50 callipers and activated by a radial master cylinder on the handlebar.

Colors: Grigio Portimao and Nero Assen

MSRP: $14,999

Available: March